Your Practice Manager dashboard

The dashboard is the main screen for your work in Practice Manager. It displays a snapshot of your practice's position and your own work. Use the dashboard to drill down into a job, or do common tasks quickly like enter time or create a job.

Main screen

The screen displays:

  • Time Summary - Your time sheet entry summary for today, this week, last week, this month and last month.
  • Important Dates - The start and due dates for tasks, jobs and milestones, and any overdue activities broken down by Job/Task and Lead Activity.
  • Today's Jobs - A list of jobs that you should be working on today. Click the re-order button to prioritize your work. Click the plus icon next to each job to show the Tasks and To-Do Items that need to be completed. Select the checkbox next to each To-Do Item and Task to mark those items as complete and remove them from your list of things to do.
  • This Week's Schedule - All jobs and tasks that you are scheduled to complete for the coming week.
  • Global Feeds - Links to your global feeds:
    • iCalendar - Integrates important dates with your iCalendar
    • RSS - Forwards all notifications to your RSS reader

Left navigation panel

  • Enter Time - Takes you to the time sheet entry screen.
  • Enter a Cost- Lets you enter a cost against a job.
  • New Job - Allows you to create a new job if you have the right security privileges.

My Jobs

All current jobs you are working on are displayed under My Jobs. These are grouped by job state and show jobs which are not overdue, have an "active" job state, are assigned to the active user and have tasks assigned to them.

The schedule is collapsed by default and displays jobs which:

  • Are active (that is, have a status which is not Completed or Canceled).
  • Are assigned to you.
  • Have un-completed milestones and/or tasks which occur in the current week or have non-scheduled tasks.

When the job is expanded:

  • Un-completed milestones scheduled for the current week are displayed.
  • Un-completed tasks assigned to you scheduled for the current week are displayed.
  • Un-completed non-scheduled tasks assigned to you are displayed.
  • The estimated time assigned to each task and the job will be displayed.
  • The bars on the schedule will display based on the estimated vs actual time for you.
  • If Time Allocation under Practice Settings has been set to:
    • Staff then:
      • The estimated time assigned to each task and the job is displayed.
      • The bars on the schedule display based on the estimated vs actual time.
    • Task then the bars on the schedule are white as it is not possible to reliably calculate the estimated time assigned, so progress cannot be calculated.

Important Dates

This section displays your important dates. If you have the Complete Job Items security privilege then where the overdue item is a milestone or job task you can tick the item as being completed. This updates the screen to remove that item from the overdue list as well as remove it from the Calendar (if it was displayed).

Overdue items

Before the calendar, the number of overdue items is displayed. Jobs, tasks and lead items are separated.

When items are overdue, for example if there are 11 jobs overdue, then the text "You have 11 jobs overdue" is displayed with the "overdue" displayed as a red hyperlink. Click on this link to go to the Important Dates tab on the Job Manager, with a default view of Show important dates for jobs I'm assigned to. The overdue items are listed and also displayed on the Important Dates display.

Lead Activities

Click the link for Lead Activities to go to the Lead Activities tab in Lead Manager where you can see the overdue activities. From there you can mark activities as completed. The same functionality applies for leads.

Enter time

To enter your own personal time sheets, click Enter Time.

Daily tab

Enter your hours worked for each job, and input time sheet notes so you have a record of exactly what was completed on the task for that period.

  1. Enter the date worked in the Date field either by typing it in or using the date picker.
  2. Select the job you worked on from the drop down list.
  3. Select the task worked on from the drop down list.
  4. Enter time either:
    • As a decimal, for example, 4 and a half hours can be entered 4.5
    • In the format HH:MM, for example, four hours and a half hours can be entered as 4:15.
  5. Add any additional description or notes as required.
  6. Click Save. The time sheet entry will update into the grid in the lower half of the screen.

Weekly tab

Enter in your time sheets in bulk.

  1. Select the Job.
  2. Select the Task.
  3. Click Add. This adds a line item for this Job/Task into the lower time sheet entry grid.
  4. Enter your time for the week in bulk. A note field will display below each time entry, allowing you to update your time sheet notes for each specific job/task time entry.
  5. Click Save.

You can continue to add jobs and tasks to the grid in order to complete your time entry for the week. The following week will display all jobs and tasks you entered time against in the previous week.

When you've completed entering all your time sheet entries for the week click Submit Time Sheets. This locks the time sheet. You can't edit your time sheet unless it's unlocked by an administrator.

Enter a Cost tab

Enter a cost directly against a job.

  1. Select the Job.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description for the cost. If you have the cost loaded in your cost database the search will find it automatically for you.
  3. Enter in the quantity.
  4. Enter in the unit cost.
  5. Enter in the unit price you wish to sell it at (only displays if you have required privileges).
  6. (Optional) Choose a supplier.
  7. (Optional) Enter in a unique code for the item.
  8. (Optional) Enter a fuller description.
  9. Click Save.


To access your user settings, click your user name at the top right and select Settings.


Check Enable Email Notifications if you want to receive email notifications as well as notifications within the application.

User Experience

The Grid Page Size field specifies how many rows will display in each grid. If you have a lot of data in some of your screens then, rather than paging through multiple pages, set the Grid Page Size to be higher in order to display more records on one page.


Add a default signature to every email you send out of Practice Manager.

Complete the detail in the Email field as required. If you only ever email invoices out of Practice Manager you may want to put in a standard blurb, for example, "Hi, please find attached latest invoice....."

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