Add your staff to Practice Manager

Add your practice's staff to Practice Manager, and configure what they can see and do by adjusting their security privileges.

  1. Go to Business and click Settings, then click Staff.
  2. Click Invite Staff.
  3. If you don't see the Invite Staff button then you have exceeded your user license limit and you will need to upgrade your license or delete old staff before proceeding.
  4. In the Name field, enter the first and last name of the staff member.
  5. In Email, enter the staff member's email address.
  6. Leave the Currently Working? checkbox selected. If you clear this checkbox, the staff member won't appear in the list of resources available when allocating jobs.
  7. (Optional) Enter any notes specific to this staff member.
  8. In Base Rate, enter the hourly cost of employing this staff member. Practice Manager uses this rate to determine the profits made on each job.
  9. In Billable Rate, enter the hourly rate that this employee is charged out at. Practice Manager uses this rate if you choose to bill your clients using the Staff Billable Rate rather than the Task Billable Rate.
  10. (Optional) If you integrate Practice Manager with a payroll system, enter the payroll code for your payroll system software for this staff member in the Payroll Code field.
  11. Indicate if the staff member is a Director/Partner, a Fee Earner, or both.
  12. (Optional) If the staff member does not work full time, enter the Full-time Equivalent percentage amount they work.
  13. (Optional) Enter in additional Contact Information such as phone and address.
  14. Select the security privileges for the staff member.
  15. If no privileges are selected the staff member is simply a standard user. They can enter time sheets and view vital job information. However, they do not have access to the Business menu. They will not be able to view, edit and create quotes or invoices, view financial information or create and view clients.
  16. Click Save.

Practice Manager will send a welcome email to the staff member with a system-generated password. The staff member should change the password after logging in.